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Clip Art - Florida Style Graphics
Guide picks

Parrots & Hookbills
  About.com Birding Guide Christine Tarski brings us web clip art of parrots and hookbills

Guide Bobbie Peachy at About.com brings us humminbirds, lovebirds, macaws, and last but not least, parrots.

Tropical Nights
Guide Bobbie Peachy at About.com brings us lots of fishy things, swaying palms, jumping dolphins and more..

Birds, Insects, Reptiles
Flamingos, roaches, dragonflies, alligators, frogs,other creatures clip art.

Florida Symbols
Basic Florida's state bird, animal, reptile and more plus map outline, state flag.

Shark Clip Art
Free clip art of sharks and a few rays, small, large, bullets, icons, Disney sharks.

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