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Epcot: World Showcase

A world of nations standing side-by-side in perfect peace!


Canada Pavillon at Epcot World Showcase
Compliments of Walt Disney Company
Where else can you visit eleven nations on one vacation while staying in the same hotel every night? There's only one place that I know... Epcot's World Showcase!

Across World Showcase Lagoon, eleven nations stand side-by-side in perfect peace and harmony. Each display authentic wares and serve ethnic cuisine. Ambassadors come from across the globe to proudly represent their homelands with shows and entertainment. As part of the show, holidays and festivals are commemorated by the ambassadors in ways they would be celebrated "back home," allowing Epcot guests to join in these international celebrations.

Here is a closer look at each nation as they appear clockwise around the 1.3-mile promenade.


Enjoy the authentic marketplace, lively Mariachi bands and a boat ride through Mexican history.

  • Artesanias Mexicanas - Mexican-made wares that include home-decor items such as candles, glasses, and pottery.
  • El Ranchito Del Norte - Shop features gifts and souvenirs from Mexico.
  • El Rio Del Tiempo: The River of Time - A six-minute boat trip reminiscent of It's A Small World, but on a much smaller scale where guests greet a Mayan high priest, watch performers dance, and are assailed by vendors at a market.
  • La Familia Fashions - Mexican accessories for the entire family including hand-crafted silver jewelry.
  • Plaza De Los Amigos - A bright and lively market featuring paper flowers, sombreros, peasant blouses, baskets, music and pottery.


    Embark on a voyage through time beginning in a 10th century Viking Village.

  • Maelstrom - Tour Norway by 16-passenger, dragon-headed long-boats inspired by Vikings. This 5-minute voyage begins with a ship being readied to head out to sea and then glides through a mystical Norwegian forest complete with trolls who cause the boats to plummet backward, through a maelstrom, finding themselves in the stormy North Sea. Survivors disembark to view a 5-minute movie showing scenic spectacles. Use FastPass+ on this attraction to avoid lines and save time.
  • Stave Church Gallery - A small exhibit exploring Norwegian culture.
  • The Puffin's Roost - Wares for sale include Norwegian gifts, sweaters, activewear, fragrances, jewelry, fine leather goods, pewter, candy, and toys. Don't forget to take a troll home!


    Banners that stretch above offer good wishes to passerby can be translated "May good fortune follow you on your path through life" and "May virtue be your neighbor." This pavilion offers a serenity that is in contrast to the merriment of bordering Germany.

  • House of Whispering Willows - An impressive exhibit of ancient Chinese art and artifacts that is changed about every six months.
  • Wonders of China: Land of Beauty, Land of Time - A 19-minute Circle-Vision 360 film presentation that shows the beautiful land and includes marvels such as Beijing's Forbidden City, Monogolia, and Shanghai.
  • Yong Feng Shangdian - A vast array of merchandise including silk robes, prints, paper umbrellas, embroidered items, and more trinkets than you can imagine.


    Be transported to authentic surroundings inspired by towns along the Rhine and in Bavaria and be sure to check your guide map to see when a German trio will perform outside the Biergarten restaurant.

  • Das Kaufhaus - This shop stocks an assortment of limited-edition steins and glassware.
  • Der Teddybar - Lively mechanized displays dance to German folk tunes in this unique toy shop offering one of the best selections of toys at Walt Disney World. Ware include expensive stuffed keepsakes from Steiff and wonderful dolls that can even be created to your personal specifications.
  • Die Weihnachts Ecke - It's Christmas any time of the year in this shop that features ornaments, decorations, and gifts manufactured by various German companies.
  • Glas und Porzellan - If you pronounced the phonetic spelling correctly, you've already guessed the contents of this shop... glass and porcelain items made by the German first of Goebel including their famous Hummel figurine collectibles.
  • Kunstarbeit in Kristall - This shop features Austrian and crystal jewelry, beer mugs, wine glasses, and crystal decanters.
  • Sussigkeiten - A tiny confectionery shop that features luscious chocolate cookies, butter cookies, gummy bears, and Lubkuchen, the spicy crisp cookies traditionally baked in Germany at Christmas.
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