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How To Make a Sand Dollar Ornament


Sand Dollar Ornament
Compliments of Dawn Henthorn
This craft project is simple enough for children and nice enough to hang on the most elaborate holiday tree. If you were lucky enough to find sand dollars at the beach, you can use them after properly drying and cleaning. If not, most craft stores do carry sand dollars you can purchase. Don't limit your decorations for just the Christmas holidays. Sand dollar ornaments can be used for any time of year.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: One to two hours

Here's How:

  1. Properly dry and clean sand dollars from beach or purchase sand dollars at craft store.
  2. There is a commercial sand dollar hardener that can be brushed on and left to dry that will keep the sand dollar from becoming brittle and breaking. (This step is optional.)
  3. Decide how you want to decorate your sand dollar. I have listed several ideas below and although they are not pictured, these will get you started.
  4. Apply decal or glue picture or paint design on the sand dollar and allow to dry.
  5. String ribbon or gold tie through one of the holes at the top to hang.


  1. Apply holiday decal and spray on acrylic finish for gloss.
  2. Brush on white glitter paint or "snow" for a special sparkle ornament.
  3. Paint a Florida beach scene that includes water and palm trees and perhaps a sail boat in the water. Add sand for the beach sand and very tiny shells to complete your beach scene.
  4. Cut out holiday pictures of your family or a nice holiday design or picture from old Christmas cards and glue to the sand dollar. Finish will several coats of acrylic finish to get a decoupage look.
  5. Don't be afraid to add small optional touches such as:
    -Small bows
    -Spray snow
    -Fabric or felt cutouts
    -Small holiday trim (tiny candy canes, wreaths, etc.)

What You Need

  • Sand dollars
  • Commercial hardener (optional) or mix one part white glue & one part water
  • Sand and small shells OR
  • Acrylic paint OR
  • Holiday photos or picture cutouts OR
  • Holiday decals
  • Ribbon or gold tie for hanging
  • White glue
  • Optional Acrylic Finish

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