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Florida Wildlife: Florida Alligators - Florida Travel - About.com
Although alligators are common in Florida, it is unlikely you'll see one on your vacation unless you seek them out at an attraction.
Florida Wildlife: Florida Panther - Florida Travel - About.com
The Florida Panther lives in the forests and swamps of Florida. It is an endangered species, as it is believed that less than 100 of the big cats roam free in ...
Florida Wildlife: Sharks - Florida Travel - About.com
Don't let sharks take a bite out of your vacation! While much hype usually surrounds shark attacks in Florida's waters, the fact is that those attacks are relatively ...
Florida Wildlife: Black Bear - Florida Travel - About.com
Bears in Florida? That's right! Florida's black bears live mostly in unpopulated wilderness areas of the state — primarily in the northern national forests and ...
Florida Wildlife: Key Deer - Florida Travel - About.com
These "toy" members of the white tail deer family are confined to Florida's Keys, with most of the population on Big Pine Key.
Florida Wildlife: Dolphins - Florida Travel - About.com
Playful dolphins like this one are often seen on fishing and boating expeditions off the Florida coast.
Florida Wildlife: Egret - Florida Travel - About.com
The egret are large birds of several varieties that live in Florida all or most of the year — the great egret, snowy egret, red-dish egret, and smaller cattle egret all ...
Florida Wildlife: Flamingo - Florida Travel - About.com
You can enjoy the beauty of the flamingo in many of Florida's parks, including Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and Flamingo Gardens. Also, the Hialeah  ...
Safaris in Florida - Florida Travel - About.com
While some of these might be officially classified as eco-tours, with all of them you will be seeing wildlife — some native to Florida and in their nature habitats ...
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park - Florida Travel - About.com
Discover the "real" Florida at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, where native Florida wildlife and endangered species are showcased.
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