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Disney World Character Facts: Meet Crush the Turtle

Learn "Surfer Dude" Lingo with Nemo's Turtle Pal


Crush at Turtle Talk

Crush greets guests daily at Turtle Talk in Epcot.

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About Crush:

Crush is the laid back sea turtle who helps Marlin on his quest to find his son in Pixar's Finding Nemo. Crush's cool demeanor and surfer dude lingo make him a favorite with Nemo fans of all ages. Crush can be found in several locations at the Disney World theme parks, so stop by and say "Hi, Dude!"

Where to find Crush in Disney World:

Turtle Talk: Meet Crush in person at the "Turtle Talk" show at Epcot's "Seas with Nemo and Friends." "Turtle Talk" is a theater presentation packed with some of the most interactive and high-tech special effects you'll find in Disney World.

Crush interacts with audience members in this fun-filled presentation. Children are encouraged to sit in the front of the theater and ask questions — your child may get the chance to speak to Crush in "person" at this attraction.

Coral Reef: Diners at the Coral Reef restaurant may catch a glimpse of a real, live Crush in the giant aquarium that dominates the dining floor. As long as you don't feel guilty about eating seafood while admiring sea life, this is a great spot to catch a glimpse of Crush and friends.

Finding Nemo - The Musical: Head to the Animal Kingdom to see an over-sized Crush perform in this fun, indoor stage show. The puppets used in the performance would be worth a look even if you didn't care for Nemo and company!


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