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Universal Orlando in June

Everything you Need to Know about Visiting Universal Orlando in June


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Head to Universal Orlando for summer fun with your favorite characters.

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The Velvet Sessions concert series continues this month, offering an intimate, indoor venue with some of your favorite groups and musicians.

Jazz-lovers will appreciate "Harbor Nights", hosted by the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. These special evenings include jazz music, great food and fun times at the Harbor Piazza, and offer a great way to escape the crowds at the theme parks.

Universal's annual summer concert series kicks off mid-month, offering a star-studded line-up to entertain park visitors. Look for announcements of the featured acts a few weeks prior to your June Universal trip.


Expect sunny skies, bright sun and plenty of heat when you visit Universal Orlando in June. Summer has arrived, and you'll want to pack plenty of sunblock. Save indoor shows like Terminator 2-3D for the afternoon if possible, and enjoy them during the hottest part of the day. Leave your jacket at home, but pack an extra swimsuit — you'll want to cool off with a dip in the hotel pool each day.


Expect to see some of the largest crowds of the year when you visit Universal Orlando in June. Most U.S. schools start summer vacation this month, and visitors will flock to the Orlando area to visit area theme parks and attractions. Expect to see long lines and delays for some of the most popular attractions, and arrive at the park early to be first in line for your favorites.


  • Consider staying on site when you visit Universal Orlando in June. Not only will you have easy access to the parks, you'll be able to ride select attractions without waiting in line, a huge help during this booming time of year.
  • Purchase Universal's Express Pass if you really want to avoid waiting in line. This is a significant expense, but may be worth it during the busy summer months. Don't want to spring for the Express Pass? Use the Front of the Line program instead to minimize your wait times.
  • Arrive at the park early or stay late. Big crowds mean longer park hours, so getting there early or staying after most people leave both allow you to get more from your park visit.


  • Expect delays for popular rides and attractions. Waits during peak times of day could be up to 2 hours, so plan your visit carefully to be sure you can view your favorite shows and attractions.
  • Drink plenty of water and pack sunblock to beat the Florida heat. Even if the day is overcast, you can still get overheated or sunburned, so be prepared.

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