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July Weather, Festivals and Events in Florida

Celebrate America's Freedom!


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July Weather

Average Temperatures


  • Daytona Bch: High 91°-Low 72°
  • Fort Myers: High 92°-Low 74°
  • Jacksonville: High 91°-Low 72°
  • Key West: High 89°-Low 80°
  • Miami: High 87°-Low 78°
  • Orlando: High 92°-Low 73°
  • Panama City: High 89°-Low 71°
  • Pensacola: High 91°-Low 75°
  • Tallahassee: High 92°-Low 73°
  • Tampa: High 90°-Low 75°
  • West Palm Bch: High 90°-Low 75°

10-Day Forecast


Average Water Temperatures

The water temperature for the Gulf of Mexico (West Coast) and the Atlantic Ocean (East Coast) is consistantly in the mid-80s.


Best Time to Go

Crowds and lines continue at the theme parks and water parks as mid-summer brings more vacationing families. Also, July and August are the hottest months and the high humidity can make the heat index soar. Staying cool is important! Taking a mid-day break in the heat of the day helps refresh everyone and the parks later summer hours still leave plenty of time for fun.

July Events

Florida Celebrates Independence Day! - Celebrate America's freedom at these "red, white & boom" blasts!

Summer in Florida - Every summer, theme parks offer extended hours, roll out special shows and include concerts by some of music's biggest talents! So, if you're planning a Florida vacation or getaway this summer, check out the tips, fun destinations, things to do and special summer events listed here.

Caladium Festival (July 25-27, 2014) - Lake Placid hosts a Caladium Festival to celebrate the crop and their title of Caladium Capital of the World. Caladium displays are featured downtown and in nearby subdivisions, there are bus rides to the caladium fields and caladium crafts are plentiful.

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