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The 7 Wonders of Florida


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Bok Tower
Bok Tower and Gardens
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Bok Tower — it stands tall in quiet dignity on the highest elevation in Central Florida and reflects the inspiration of one man's vision. Edward Bok never forgot the words of his grandmother, "Make the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it." Bok indeed left his mark on the world with his magnificent "singing" tower.

The story of Bok's life, presented in photos and historical memorabilia, is gathered in an award-winning exhibit hall near the entrance to what is now known as Bok Sanctuary. The exhibits give you a historical perspective on the life of this successful editor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Permanent exhibits display documents that provide an insight into this talented individual.

The grey and pink marble and coquina stone tower was a construction feat for the late 1920s. The 205-foot tower was designed by Milton B.Medary. When designing the tower, Medary drew his inspiration from the Gothic towers and churches of Europe, but it was Edward Bok's love of nature that inspired the tower's decorative motifs. Although it was constructed to house the Carillon, it is the centerpiece for the beautiful gardens.

Today, Bok's gift to the American people, is one of the most beautiful places in Florida and one of the few places that has been left untouched by the march of time and the unchecked growth of Central Florida.

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