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Jungle Island

Where the jungle comes alive!


Parrots at Parrot Jungle Island
Compliments of Parrot Jungle Island
It's a jungle out there! That couldn't be more true for those living in Miami. There is a jungle right in their own back yard. Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle Island) located on 18.6 acres between downtown Miami and South Beach is home to more than 3,000 exotic animals and 500 species of plants.

A visit to Jungle Island is an adventure that includes educational animal stage shows, interactive safaris, a petting zoo and a children's playground.

Additionally, Jungle Island hosts the Treetop Ballroom, a full-service event facility that provides an exotic location for weddings, galas, award dinners, birthday parties and more. Besides a spectacular view of Jungle Island, the venue provides an unmatched view overlooking the Downtown Miami skyline and the Port of Miami.

Memory-Making Experiences

Guests to Jungle Island are invited to encounter and experience rare and exotic animals like never before. Introduce yourself to Vulcan, a 900-pound liger, that is reported to be the largest cat in the world, or volunteer to feed Mama Cass, the world's only trained Cassowary (the most lethal bird on Earth) — she'll eat an entire apple in one impressive gulp. Of course, you won't want to miss Hank, the Crocosaurus. He is the largest crocodile in the Western Hemisphere at twenty feet and 2,000 pounds.

Happy feet now paddle around Jungle Island as the park welcomed African penguins into the family in December 2007. Little Red, Kidogo, Leelow and Giant all come with their own personalities. Visitors are able to enjoy their twice-daily feeding and even be photographed with them... a real memory-making keepsake.

December 2, 2003, Parrot Jungle Island celebrated the first recorded birth of twin orangutans in almost twenty years. The non-identical youngsters — Peanut and Pumpkin — made their official debut in a "Twins Celebration" honoring the park's one year anniversary at its new location in July 2004.

Enjoy three exciting shows — Winged Wonders, Reptiles of the Jungle and Tale of the Tiger. You'll meet some of Jungle Island's most interesting and exotic birds, get a chilling glimpse of South Florida cold-blooded natives (think snakes) and be amazed at majestic and playful wild animals.

It is easy to spend the day at Jungle Island because there is always something to do. Besides taking in a show or getting up-close-but-not-too-personal with the animals enjoy a delicious lunch on Flamingo Lake, home to scores of the pink-featured beauties. Stroll past magnificant trees and melodious waterfalls on your way to the secluded beach where you can slide down The Hippo, a 168-foot water slide. It's easy to forget that the bustle of downtown Miami and South Beach are just minutes away.


Walt Disney isn't the only man to leave a legacy of his dreams in Florida. Austrian-born Franz Scherr did too. Owner of a feed and supply store in Homestead, he had a few birds in the store. He noticed how friendly and easy-to-train they were. After talking with his friend Joe DuMond of Monkey Jungle in Miami, he decided to start his own jungle.

He rented 20 acres of hammock land south of Miami for $25.00 per year, moved to the area and started developing the attraction. His family had little faith in this venture. They were sure the birds would fly away, but Franz had more faith in nature.

He had a winding trail dug through the coral rock and hammock land, leaving the natural flora untouched. An entrance building was built. And, finally, a shipment of 25 Macaws arrived from Laredo, Texas. The birds adapted to their new home quickly, and on December 20, 1936, about 100 curious visitors paid 25 cents admission to see and listen to Franz Scherr describe his birds, trees, and flowers.

The attraction, that a romance with nature started, continued to grow, even after the death of Franz Scherr in 1973. It eventually housed 1,100 tropical birds and 2,000 varities of plants.

Although Parrot Jungle remained a part of the Miami community since 1936, the original facility located on what is now known as the Pinecrest Gardens was closed November 3, 2002 in order to relocate to the NEW Parrot Jungle Island which opened June 28, 2003. On its fourth birthday in the new location, the attraction was renamed Jungle Island. Although the attraction is now privately owned by aviculturists and business people, Franz Scherr would be proud that others are still trusting in nature.

Information & Directions

Admission to Parrot Jungle Island is $32.95 (plus tax) for adults, $24.95 (plus tax) for children (ages 3-10 years), $30.95 (plus tax) for seniors (65 and over) and children age two and under are admitted free. Active military personnel with proper I.D. receive free admission. Annual passport rates are $42.95 (plus tax) for adults and $31.95 (plus tax) for children (ages 3-10 years). Parking is $8.00 per vehicle.

Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Call 305-400-7215 or visit Jungle Island at www.jungleisland.com for more information.

Parrot Jungle Island is located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, between downtown Miami and South Beach just off the MacArthur Causeway.

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