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Things to Do In Florida When It Rains


Driving in Florida's heavy rain.
Compliments of PDPhoto.org

It often spells bad news when it rains during your vacation, but the good news is that there is still plenty of things to do anyway in Florida... both inside and out. Here are some of my rainy day favorites:

  • Just break out the poncho or umbrella, there’s still lots of Rainy Day Magic to be had at Disney World!
  • It’s easy to play all day long at DisneyQuest, the five-story indoor interactive theme park at Downtown Disney.
  • A visit to The Florida Aquarium is a great way to “sea” life… and hide from the weather!
Don’t let the rain drown your imagination — visit a museum! My picks would be: You might not be able to make it to the links this weekend, but how about playing through exhibits laid out like a golf course at the World Golf Hall of Fame?

Of course, what ever you do, stay safe! If heavy rainfall is forecast, authorities always advise staying off the roads. What should you do then? How about firing up that laptop and taking a virtual tour? Picture yourself in these interesting places:


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