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Florida Day Trips


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Get Away for a Day
Flagler mansion museum, palm beach, fl
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Need to get away for a day? These popular destinations are perfect — not too far from the major attractions. Better yet, with gas prices going up, often you can make the trip on just one tank of gas!

Although not an exhaustive list, here are a few suggestions for getting away for a day:

  • Visit a museum. Florida's museums and science centers offer interactive displays and a glimpse into art and history of the state... and some are even FREE!
  • Visit an aquarium or zoo. Animal parks, aquariums and zoos that provide a glimpse into Florida's sea creatures and wildlife.
  • Take a cruise. There are a variety of day cruises that depart from ports throughout the state — casino cruises, dinner cruises and themed cruises.
  • Take in a festival. There are special events and festivals going on throughout the year across Florida. Whether you go for the arts and crafts, special entertainment or simply for the great food... these are great get-away-for-a-day fun.
  • Spend the day at an attraction. There are so many great attractions in Florida that can be enjoyed in a day.
  • Stroll through gardens. Florida is well known for its beautiful foliage and these gardens are well known for great places to visit.
Of course, don't forget about taking off for the beach to catch some rays or rent a watercraft, to a state park to hike or canoe or catching a wave at one of Florida's great water parks.

If you need more specific ideas for a specific area, try these:

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