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Top 8 Florida-Style Christmas Decorations


Try these holiday decorations with a tropical twist for Florida-style holiday decorating.

1. Beach Bag Ornament

Cute gift for anyone that loves the beach! Adorable beach bag filled with flip flops, towel, book, sunglasses, etc.
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2. Disney's Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornaments

Disney fans will love any of these holiday ornaments featuring Mickey Mouse and his recognizable ears!
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3. Flamingo String Lights

Pink flamingos will add a touch of fun to your patio or Christmas tree! This 10-light strand is approximately 12 ft. long and each flamingo light is vivacious pink colored plastic.
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4. Flip Flops String Lights

Set the summer mood on your patio or bring a bit of the beach to your Christmas tree! Multi-colored plastic flip flops come 10 lights to a strand (approximately 12 ft. long). For indoor or outdoor use. Bulbs included.
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5. Personalized Flamingo Ornaments

These ornaments will add color and a slice of Florida to your holiday tree. You have your choice of two different holiday ornaments — one with Flamingo Flo on a 3-1/4" white glass ball ornament and the other a 3-1/2" x 4" resin flamingo shaped ornament.
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6. Personalized Beach Chair Ornaments

What a cute way to remind everyone that you live in sunny Florida! These would make perfect gifts to send to friends over the holidays. Ornaments can be personalized with family member's names from 2 to 6 chairs!
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7. Kayak Christmas Ornaments

If you know someone who loves to kayak Florida's waters, then any of these are would be a great gift... perfect for their holiday tree or on their patio at home or when camping.

8. Tropical Santa Ornaments

What does Santa do after he delivers all those packages on Christmas Eve? He frolics in Florida, of course! Santa ornaments capture memories of his trip and are perfect for a tropical-themed holiday tree. Set includes six resin ornaments approximately 3 to 4" X 2 to 3". Other miscellaneous tropical-style Santa ornaments vary in size and number included.
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