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Daytona / East Coast

The Atlantic coast of Florida boasts many top rated beaches, is home to the nation's space program, and port to many major cruise lines.
  1. Amelia Island, FL (57)
  2. Beaches - East Coast (9)
  3. Cape / Port Canaveral, FL (17)
  4. Cocoa Beach, FL (18)
  5. Daytona Beach, FL (21)
  6. Fort Lauderdale, FL (12)
  7. Jacksonville, FL (11)
  8. Saint Augustine, FL (28)

Florida's First Coast
This stretch of northeastern Florida coast known as the First Coast is steeped in history – and is known for many "firsts."

First Coast Historic Photos
Historic photos of Florida's first coast - some date back to the late 1890s.

Florida's Space Coast
Only a few miles east of Orlando, Florida's Space Coast offers out-of-this-world vacation options.

Space Coast Historic Photos
Photos of some of the highlights of America's "race for space" including photos of the Challenger disaster.

Florida's Treasure Coast
A history of riches will have you tracing the lifestyles of the rich and famous on this popular southeast Florida coast.

Florida's Gold Coast
Shining stars add to all that glitters in South Florida! Celebrities, culture, nightlife, beaches, shopping, plus much more!

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