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DIY Disney Boutique Projects

How to Make Clothing and Accessories for your Disney Vacation


Girl in minnie t-shirt dress

Make a fast and easy dress using Disney embroidery cards and fabrics.

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If you are planning a Disney vacation with kids, consider making a few quick and fun Disney inspired boutique projects for the trip. While you can purchase items at the park, making your own items allows you to bring along one-of-a-kind fashions and accessories that will stand out in the crowd.

You will find it is easier to keep track of your little princess if she is wearing a dress and accessories you made yourself, instead of one purchased in the parks. It is easy to lose track of your own "Cinderella" in a crowd of identically dressed princesses outside the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Disney offers many different supplies to the home crafter, and using licensed items makes it easy to complete your creations.

Tip: Keep in mind that you can use Disney fabrics and items to make boutique accessories for your personal use but don't make them for sale, you'll violate Disney's copyright if you do so.

Easy Disney hair bow: Choose three different craft ribbons and cut a 12" length of each. Select black, white and red to match Minnie, or choose colors to match your favorite Disney princess. Use a simple overhand or lark's head knot to tie the ribbons to a hair elastic. Pin a collectible Disney pin featuring your chosen character and color scheme to the center of the ribbons, and use it to make a pretty ponytail.

Sew a princess dress: Sewing pattern giant Simplicity offers "official" Disney princess costume patterns, so if you are handy with a needle and thread you can whip up your own version before you head to Disney World. Make sure you spend time with the Disney princesses at the park, and snap a photo of your little lookalike with her favorite princess character.

Disney T-Shirt Dress: Use a Disney character iron-on or embroidery card to embellish a plain t-shirt, then add a skirt to the bottom of the shirt. Use Disney licensed fabric or choose a color and style of fabric that works with the t-shirt.

To make the skirt, cut a strip of 45" wide fabric to the length you want — an 18-24 inch length works for most kids sizes. With the right sides together, stitch the skirt into a tube. Hem one side of the tube, and gather the other. Sew the gathered edge to the bottom of the t-shirt and wear to the Disney theme park of your choice.

Vinylmations Accessories: Buy a 1 1/2" mini Vinylmations collectible and use the pre-made link to attach it to a decorative ribbon for a necklace. You can also attach a mini-Vinylmation to a charm bracelet, shoe laces or backpack for added Disney flair.

Make a Disney autograph book: You can find complete directions online, or use your own ideas to create an autograph book that is uniquely yours.

Disney Pin Charm bracelet: Need a fresh way to show off your Disney pins? If you are handy with tools, or know someone who is, you can can make a fast and easy charm bracelet. Use wire cutters to snip the pointed piece off of your pin, then drill a small hole in the top. Add a jump ring and connect to your favorite charm bracelet, your cell phone or a zipper pull to add a bit of Disney magic.

Note: Making a pin into a charm creates a great boutique piece, but renders your pin unusable for trading.

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