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Disney's Hollywood Studios Park Information

A park guide to hours, parking & getting around Disney's Hollywood Studios.


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Compliments of Walt Disney Company
There's no business like show business, and no place better to experience first-hand its glitz, glamour and excitement than at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Since opening in 1989 (previously known as Disney-MGM Studios), the park has expanded to nearly twice the original size and now features more shows, "reel-life" adventures and star-gazing opportunities than ever before.
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios Map
      -Plan ahead for your day at the Magic Kingdom by printing this pdf map.
  • Hours
      -Usually 9:00 a.m. until about an hour after sunset.
      -During holidays and summer, hours may be extended.
      -Call 407-824-4321 or click here for up-to-date information.
  • Parking
      -All-day parking is $14.00 for daily visitors and free for Walt Disney Resort guests with proper resort ID.
      -Lots are marked by your favorite Disney characters holding video cameras.
      -Trams provide transportation to the main entrance from areas not within walking distance.
  • Getting Around
  • Rental Rates
      -Stroller rental is $15/day single ($13.00 per day for length-of-stay rentals).
      -$31/day double ($27.00 per day for length-of-stay rentals).
      -Lockers are $7.00 per day (large lockers $9.00 per day), plus $5.00 refundable deposit.
      -Wheelchair rental is $12/day rental ($10.00 per day for length-of-stay rentals) plus $5 refundable deposit per day.
      -ECV (Motorized Scooters) rent for $50/day plus $20 refundable deposit per day.
  • Dining
      Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios) has a variety of dining experiences for guests that offer everything from hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza to steaks, Italian fare and home cooking. | Dining Details |
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