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Disney World and Hurricanes

What to Do if a Hurricane Threatens Your Disney World Vacation


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You can reschedule your Disney World vacation if a hurricane threatens the Orlando area.

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If you have planned a Disney vacation during the summer or fall, you may find that your trip coincides with a tropical storm or hurricane. Florida's prime hurricane season runs from June to November, so keep an eye on the tropics if you are traveling during this time. While some storms won't affect your trip at all, others may impact your vacation or your travel time.

When to be concerned: A hurricane or named storm that is still two weeks out may have a path that includes Orlando, Florida, even though it may be too soon to accurately predict where the storm will hit. Monitor any storm that is strong enough to name that is making news within the two week period before your vacation or during your trip. You won't need to cancel your trip yet, but you should be aware of the possibility and begin considering alternate plans.

Disney World's Hurricane Policy: If a named storm is forecast for the Disney World area or for your home area within seven days of your trip dates, you can reschedule your vacation without penalty, thanks to Disney's Hurricane Policy. According to the 2011 Hurricane Policy, you can apply all fees paid for your vacation to a replacement trip without cancellation fees. You may not be able to get the same room rate or package, but you won't lose any money. The Hurricane Policy covers your resort reservation, package or park tickets and any other fees paid.

Monitor the storm as it progresses to be sure it won't impact your travel method. If Disney World falls off the hurricane path, the storm can still impact flights into and out of Orlando and Florida. Disney's Hurricane Policy covers your home region as well, so if you are unable to travel due to a hurricane warning in your area, you won't be penalized for rescheduling.

If you need to reschedule: Contact the Disney Travel Company or your travel agent to make arrangements to rebook your vacation using the Hurricane Policy.

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