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Mouse Surplus Collectibles

The Happiest Place on eBay!


Mouse Surplus
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Updated October 23, 2013
This warehouse is now closed.

Calling all Disney collectors and aficionados! Shopping just got more fun... just a click of your mouse and you can find hundreds of Disney castaways. Or, if you prefer, you can take a drive a few miles south of Disney World and scrounge through a large showroom full of Disney merchandise and memorabilia.

If Disneyland and Disney World are "The Happiest Places on Earth," then it makes sense that Mouse Surplus would bill itself as "The Happiest Place on eBay." The surplus dealer obtains Disney hand-me-downs — from art and collectibles to theme park props and resort hotel furniture — and lists them on the popular auction site, eBay. The eBay store also had a showroom in Central Florida that is now closed.

When my husband worked at Disney World many years ago, our favorite employee "perk" was the employee-only sales. Discontinued, slightly damaged or simply discarded Disney merchandise and whatnots were offered for sale at bargain prices. You never knew exactly what you would find at these sales. Disney-themed merchandise was a given, but there was also a chance you could find a deal on just about anything else, from practically new coin washing machines to barely used Christmas decorations. It's the same at Mouse Surplus.

I recently scanned items available at Mouse Surplus' eBay store and found various items from the Disney World Resort hotels, Boardwalk, Grand Floridian and Polynesian. Armoire entertainment centers, night stands, trash cans, comforters, pillows, luggage racks and chairs were available along side toys, games and costume patches. Previous searches have turned up mini bar refrigerators, restaurant high chairs with a Mickey Mouse cut out, limited theme park signboards, attraction props and yards of unused fabric leftover from a posh Disney resort hotel.

After becoming aware of Mouse Surplus several months ago, I have visited their eBay store often. I also made a trip to their Central Florida warehouse showroom.

Visiting Mouse Surplus in Orlando

The "Orlando" location was hardly "nestled between Florida's finest Disney theme parks" as described on MouseSurplus.com, and really isn't in Orlando at all. The Haines City showroom and warehouse, which are affectionately called Never Never Land Studios, are housed in an old faded-blue metal warehouse building that is situated in an out-of-the-way orange grove several miles from the theme parks.

The showroom was located in a portion of what was probably a citrus shipping warehouse. Other portions of the huge building are used to warehouse surplus furniture and props from Disney as well as surplus furniture from other hotel chains.

Outside huge theme park props ranging from an airplane used at Disney's Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safari to a Toy Story Van used at Disney's Hollywood Studios greeted visitors to the dirt parking area. A walk up the concrete ramp finally lead to the "showroom." You shouldn't expect the red carpet treatment and air conditioned comfort. This is a very old warehouse. It will be cold on the coldest days and stifling hot on the warmest days. If you go, dress accordingly. Besides large, barely-affordable props which might include seats from various rides that have either been discontinues or refurbished, expect to find bins full of smaller Disney merchandise or resort hotel props and various hotel furnishings and decorations that are being offered on eBay.

Mouse Surplus has a Web presence at MouseSurplus.com where they offer items for sale.

Mouse Surplus eBay Details

Items offered at the eBay store are either by "auction" or "buy it now." For those not familiar with eBay, an auction will have a time limit for bids to be submitted and the item is awarded to the highest bidder. "Buy It Now" items are available for a price set by the seller. Sometimes there are multiple items available. In either case, the purchaser is responsible for paying the shipping or picking up the item. Methods of payment include PayPal and certified checks or money orders.

Mouse Surplus offers shipping, but it can get a bit tricky (and expensive) on some large items. If preferred, items purchased may be picked up in person at their Central Florida warehouse. Some large items are specified as pick-up only in Haines City, Florida.

Mouse Surplus' eBay feedback has been mostly positive, but as always... buyer beware. While their Web site says items are chosen carefully and shipped with care, when we picked up furniture items in Haines City, it was dusty and came complete with spider webs. Not a big deal, but hardly up to standards that I expected after reading their claims.

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