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Disney World Tips


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Money-Saving Tips for Disney World
Disney Crocs

Step out in style in these Disney crocs that make fun and useful souvenirs.

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What's a vacation to Disney World without coming home with souvenirs of your trip? Of course, you will be confronted with souvenir choices at every turn, so learning how to tame the "gimmies" is important. Combine these money-saving tips with souvenir shopping strategies for help with the family vacation budget:

Money-Saving Tips

Make It Yourself Disney Ideas

Souvenir Shopping Strategies

Disney Souvenirs and Collectibles

Disney Pin Collecting - These tiny souvenirs have become a real passion with many Disney collectors. Did you know that trading pins has its own rules of etiquette and where the five top places are to do your trading? Got pins but aren't sure where and how to display them? Take a look at these great ideas for displaying the pins you'd like to trade.

Use Disney's PhotoPass to capture your family's vacation memories; and, also get a special family portrait taken while on vacation.

Disney's Pressed Pennies may be the cheapest souvenir in Disney World! It's fun to watch them being made and they can be displayed, made into crafts or even traded.

Vinylmations - Popular with young collectors. Learn how and where to swap these little characters.

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