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Disney World 7-Day Trip Plan


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Planning a Weeklong Vacation at Disney World
Disney's Pop Century Resort Entry
Compliments of Walt Disney Company
There is easily a week's worth of fun and magic at Walt Disney World Resort and the "Magic Your Way" tickets allow guests to customize a week long dream vacation like never before with tickets that match their needs and desires.

With "Magic Your Way" tickets, the more you play the less you pay, with a seven-day base ticket averaging just $32 per day — or less than half the price of a single-day ticket. That means a family of four can enjoy a week long Disney World value vacation — staying at a Disney World value resort hotel (such as the Pop Century or one of the All-Star Resorts and tickets to all four of the theme parks — for as little as $1,600 (as advertised in national television ads).

Recent research shows that "more time on vacation" tops the wish list of vacationers. Thanks to "Magic Your Way," guests at Disney World can stay longer, play longer and do all there is to do across the 47-square-mile resort by tailoring tickets to their needs.

"Magic Your Way" also treats Disney resort hotel guests to new benefits. The Extra Magic Hours program offers exclusive morning and evening time in all four theme parks and the "Magic Your Way" Package Plus Dining adds two meals and a snack for each night of your resort stay. This can be enjoyed at more than 100 select restaurants throughout Disney World parks and hotels.

Here's a sampling of just one of the many ways Disney World guests can enjoy the diversity and relaxation of a new "Magic Your Way" vacation across seven magical days:

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