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Disney World Dining Review: Teppan Edo

Healthy Japanese fare with an extra helping of fun.

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Teppan Edo in Epcot

Enjoy great food and fun at Teppan Edo in Epcot.

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Teppan Edo shares the top floor of the Mitsukoshi building with the Tokyo Dining sushi bar, and is a family favorite for lunch and dinner. Our family of five dined at Teppan Edo recently (we make it a point to dine here every time we visit Disney World) and enjoyed both the food and the experience.

Our group included two adults and three children ages 2, 6, and 8; we visited Teppan Edo for a late dinner after exploring Epcot.

Note: Teppan Edo is an excellent choice if you prefer a vegetarian or gluten free meal.


Teppan Edo received an update in 2010, and the resulting decor is sleek and modern, with touches of red, black and white. Hibachi tables dominate each room, and the furnishings do not detract from the chefs at work.

Teppan Edo features community style seating, so if you have a party smaller than eight people, you will be paired with and share a table with other guests. Children are welcome and a common sight at this location, and highchairs are available.


The food is the main attraction at Teppan Edo; both the tableside preparation and the fresh, healthy menu choices make this one of our family's favorite dining locations.

I tried the Ebi (shrimp, $23.95) my usual favorite from the menu; it was just as tasty as always. My husband ordered the New York Strip Steak (26.95), and while it was well seasoned, it was a little chewy. I would upgrade to the filet next time; it is just three dollars more for a less chewy experience. Two of the kids had the Tori (chicken, 12.00) our little vegetarian went for the Yasi (vegetable plate, $10.00).

Main course meats are served with Udon noodles, fresh vegetables (zucchini, onion, summer squash, mushrooms) and rice. All food is prepared tableside and served with dipping sauces. While chopsticks are offered, conventional flatware is available as well.

This is an excellent location to try some of Disney World's best beverage offerings. My personal favorite is the Plum Wine, but both hot and cold Sake and tea are available as well.

Kid Friendliness

Teppan Edo is a winner with all of our kids, even the toddler. Both the waitstaff and the Teppan chefs pay special attention to kids, from offering simplified "kids" chopsticks to creating a hidden Mickey on the hibachi grill.

The grill surface is very hot, and small children should be placed at the corner of the table to avoid exposure. We have never once dined at Teppan Edo with the kids and not been warned about the grill surface, so expect a reminder from the waitstaff.

Our kids prefer the meals from the grill to the pre-prepared Bento-style kids meal. The only disappointment we have ever had at Teppan Edo was with the dessert offered with the kids meal — it is a pre-packaged fruit cup, and a sad end to an otherwise excellent meal.

Service and Value

The service at Teppan Edo is very good, and the waitstaff was very helpful and attentive. We requested a vegetarian meal for one of the kids, even though it was not an option on the children's menu and they were able to accommodate us.

The value here is above average; you can expect a great meal, tableside entertainment and plenty of food. Adding alcoholic beverages or appetizers can cause your bill to skyrocket. This location is a good option for a table service credit if you are using the Disney Dining Plan, it uses one credit per person.

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