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Decorating Christmas Trees Florida-Style


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Defining Your Florida-Style
Tree decorated by Roger's Christmas House & Village
Compliments of Roger's Christmas House & Village
Most Floridians decorate their Christmas trees with traditional ornaments, garland and lights. However, some prefer to celebrate the holidays with Florida-style decorations including shells, nautical themes and tropical treasures. Even if you don't live in Florida, you may want to try some of these ideas on your holiday tree. This is a great way to showcase those shells you brought home from the beach this year, or simply reflect your interests.

One way to define Florida-style is anything nautical or tropical — something that perhaps reminds you of the water, your favorite beach or vacation cottage. Whether store-bought or hand-made, ornaments can be made with a variety of materials — shells, molded or brushed on sand, drift wood, nautical rope and fishing lures are examples. They can be hand-painted or left natural. You are only limited by your interests and imagination. It is that imagination that can expand the Florida-style to include just about anything — palms, oranges or favorite theme park characters.

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