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Hillsborough River State Park


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Fort Foster Interpretive Center
Fort Foster Interpretive Center
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Entrance to Hillsborough River State Park includes admission to the Fort Foster Interpretive Center. The center is open to visitors and contains exhibits interpreting the fort, the Seminoles, and the Second Seminole War. Tours to visit the actual reconstructed Fort Foster State Historic Site, which is located across the highway from Hillsborough River State Park, are held on weekends or by reservation.

Fort Foster, and the bridge it protected, have been carefully reconstructed on the original site by the Division of Recreation and Parks. The fort is garrisoned by soldiers on special weekends where they perform their duties at the fort, explain its function, their personal views of the war and life as a soldier. Authentic replicas of their uniforms, weapons and other equipment used during the Second Seminole War are used during these recreations.

While there is a convenient parking lot and a restroom at the Fort Foster Interpretive Center within Hillsborough River State Park, there are no restroom facilities or concessions at Fort Foster State Historic Site and the parking lot is 1800 feet from the fort.

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