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Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park


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The 97-bell carillon at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park plays Foster's tunes daily. The carillon's electronic roller not only plays songs composed by Foster, but marks the hour and quarter hour with chimes that can be heard throughout the park.

Even though the carillon's music and chimes can be heard throughout the park, the surrounding area and nearby oak-shaded benches provide the perfect sanctuary-like setting for enjoying one of the daily concerts. And, if you get hooked on the music, the park gift shop sells albums and tapes featuring the carillon, so you can take the music home to enjoy over and over.

The interior base of the carillon tower is open to the public and features beautiful marble floors and walls. It serves as an extension of the museum, housing additional memorabilia and more dioramas depicting Foster's songs, as well as examples of the electronic rollers that play Foster's tunes.

This YouTube Video provides a nice (although a bit shaky) close-up of the Carillon, but if you watch the entire video, a nice example of the musical bells follow.

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