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Hurricane Preparation: Gas Up


The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to October 31. If a storm threatens, will you and your family be ready? If you start preparing today, you can be.

This is one tip that you will be doing over and over during hurricane season — keep your car filled with gasoline. In case of an evacuation, lines at the pump are sometimes hours long and there are often shortages before and after a storm. During hurricane season — June 1 to November 30 — we never let our gas tanks fall below a half a tank.

Tip: Considering the price of gasoline these days, it might be smart to get a locking gas cap.

Another consideration is gasoline for your generator. If you have one, you will need a supply of gasoline to power it — probably a minimum of two 5-gallon containers. Do not let this supply set from one season to another.


  • Never store gasoline inside your home or in a garage with a fuel-burning appliance.
  • To avoid Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning, never use a generator inside your house or in an attached garage.
  • Your gasoline generator should be drained of fuel after hurricane season so that it can be stored for the winter. The generator should also be started and run for a few minutes at least once a month to make sure it in good working order.
I hope these hurricane preparation tips are helpful. Doesn't it feel good to be prepared?
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