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Florida's Climate and Weather


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Heat Index
Florida Heat Index Chart
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In Florida, more people die from excessive heat than from lightning. The human body temperature rises dangerously when hot days combine with high relative humidity, because perspiration cannot evaporate and cool the body.

Elderly persons and small children, or persons who are on certain medications, overweight, or have an alcohol habit are particularly vulnerable to heat stress. | Heat Stress Symptoms |

Florida's humid climate is attributed to the fact that no point in the state is more than 60 miles from salt water, and no more than 345 feet above sea level. Humidity is the degree of wetness or dryness of the air and is measured by a percentage ratio called "relative humidity." The warmer the air becomes, the more moisture it can hold, therefore, a person can feel the humidity on a warm day with 80 percent humidity than on a cold day with the same humidity.

This heat index chart above will help you determine how hot the weather feels on a given day. The chart combines Fahrenheit air temperature and relative humidity.

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