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Florida's Climate and Weather


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Average Annual Rainfall
Florida Annual Average Rainfall Map
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The state's rainfall varies in annual amounts, seasonal distribution and location. Areas of high annual rainfall are in the extreme northwestern counties and in the southeastern end of the peninsula. Some localities may receive as much as 100 inches in a calendar year, while most localities receive less than 40 inches during a calendar year.

There are two wet periods — late winter or early spring and again during the summer — while there is only low point... October through November.

There is close to a 50-50 chance that some rain will fall during any given day in the summer "rainy season." Still the chances are much less during the remainder of the year that some rain would be recorded — likely only one or two days a week.

Localities may experience prolonged rainfalls in excess of three inches and 24-hour amounts to near or greater than 10 inches. Most often this occurs in connection with tropical disturbances or hurricanes.

If you're looking for locations within Florida with the least amount of rainfall? Try the Florida Keys and interior regions of Lee County along Florida's southwestern coast.

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