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Florida's Flora and Fauna

Tropical foliage showcases animals


Parrots at Parrot Jungle Island
Compliments of Parrot Jungle Island

Florida's tropical foliage and beautiful flowers help make it a vacation paradise. Our mild climate allows for year round enjoyment of the lush landscape and the blossoms seem to never fade. Florida's climate and lush foliage also make a perfect year round showcase for animals — both those native to Florida and exotic ones as well. Combine the gardens along with the animals and you have the recipe that keep many of Florida's original floral gardens in business.

Years before the theme parks Florida is now known for, flowers were the main attraction. Beautiful, lush gardens scattered across the state were the places that tourists flocked. Amazingly, many of those still are in existence today, often because of their expanding animal and nature shows. And... they are still worth the visit.

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