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Florida Driving


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Florida Driving Rules & Regulations
Basic rules of the road, insurance laws, driver's license offices, and driver handbook.

Florida Driver Handbook
Complete online Florida driver reference handbook.

Florida Driver's License Offices
County driver's license offices.

Accident Responsibilities
Knowing the steps to take in case of an accident will protect you and your family.

Basic Rules of the Road
How to navigate Florida's highways, roads, turnpikes, and city streets, including speed limits, child restraint and safety belt laws.

Child Restraint
Florida law requires all children five years of age or younger be restrained in a proper child restraint system.

Driving While Impaired
Florida has one of the toughest DUI laws in the U.S. Before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle in Florida, know the law.

Expressway Driving
How to navigate Florida's expressways.

Florida Vehicle Licensing
If you obtain employment in Florida or enroll your children in school, you have 20 days to license your vehicle.

Safety Belts
Florida law requires all occupants of a motor vehicle to wear a safety belt.

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