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Florida Driving


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Florida Highway Information
511 Florida Highway Information Sign
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Highway, Interstate and Florida Turnpike information such as rest areas, welcome centers, etc.

Florida Highway Patrol
The Florida Highway Patrol promotes safety on Florida’s highways through enforcement and education. Call *FHP from your cell phone in case of an emergency.

Call 511: Florida's Traffic Hot Line
Pick up your cell or land-line in Florida, dial 511 and get the scoop on traffic. You can also get information online at Florida 511 Website, where you have three options — get current traffic conditions, view traffic cameras or set up personalized traffic profiles.

Florida's New Interstate Exit Numbers
In January, 2002 the Florida Department of Transportation began the task of changing the exit numbers of Interstate highways from consecutive numbers to mile-post numbers. For two years the exit signs will display both numbers, but meanwhile this change may prove confusing to drivers using old maps or billboard directions that have yet to be changed.

Road Signs
The most common road signs that you are likely to find in Florida.

Major Highway Construction
Major highway construction underway by district and county.

Rest Areas & Welcome Centers
Mapped locations of welcome centers and rest areas with information on available facilities.

Florida's SunPass is a prepaid toll program available on most of Florida's toll roads and at Orlando International Airport.

Turnpike Information
The Florida's Turnpike is a 450-mile system of limited-access toll highways.

Turnpike Services

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