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Florida Driving


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Driving Hazards
Driving in Florida's heavy rain.
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Florida's roads can be dangerous enough, but combine them with any of these driving hazards and it could spell disaster. Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe while traveling by following these tips and strategies:

Avoid Driving Drowsy
Sleepiness and driving don't mix. Do you know how to tell if you're ready to go to sleep at the wheel? Know the danger signs and when you should pull over.

Driving Distractions
Children can literally drive you to distraction. That's a bad thing, and so are the many other things that can take your mind off the road. Avoid these activities for a safe trip.

Driving In Fog Tips
Fog can spell disaster on Florida's roadways. Follow these safety measures to insure a safe trip.

Driving In Heavy Rain
Heavy rains are a frequent highway hazard in Florida. Learn what to do if you're caught in a heavy downpour.

Mobile Phone Safety Tips
These common sense tips will remind you that driving requires your full attention.

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