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Florida Driving


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Travel by Car Tips
Packing for Pets
Compliments of Dawn Henthorn
Are we there yet? Calm the questions with a little pre-planning. Here are tips on what to pack, surviving travel with kids and pets, and more!

Car Sick Kids
About Travel with Kids Guide, Teresa Plowright, gives you tips and tricks on dealing with children's motion sickness.

Dashboard Dining
Ideally a family road trip should include fun stops every few hours. But reality often means pedal-to-the-metal, and food as fast as we can get it, i.e. meals picked up at a fast-food Drive-Thru. Which, with kids, can mean a lot of in-car messiness. So what should you choose to eat, for less-mess in the car?

Dog Travel Tips
Florida's sun can be no fun for Fido. Get the inside scoop on traveling with your canine companion - including tips for poochie packing and motel manners.

Florida Highway Patrol Safety Tips
What to do if a law enforcement officer pulls you over or your vehicle breaks down, plus more highway safety tips.

Kids Travel Survival Kits
Stuff to amuse even the fussiest traveler – no matter what age – and what to put in that bottomless bag of tricks to keep the little ones occupied.

Travel Games
Print these old-fashioned favorites and you're ready for miles of fun!

Trip Check List
Whether traveling by car, plane or train – this printable packing check list is a must.

Trip Check List for Kids
Carry-on advice and packing "must haves" for every age child from babies to teens.

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