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Florida Vacation & Travel Guide


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Florida Vacation & Travel Guide
Tourists on a bus in Miami Beach, Florida, USA
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The "Sunshine State" has so much to offer visitors besides sunshine. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, there are some 1200 miles of coastline which offers sun worshippers many types of beach experiences. No matter where you are in Florida, you're just a short drive from a beach!

Central Florida is the location of major attractions such as Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, as well as water parks, themed dining experiences and plentiful shopping.

South Florida remains a popular destination for celebrity watchers and The Keys is the perfect tropical getaway.

Let's not forget Northeast Florida where you can take a glimpse into Florida's ancient history in St. Augustine or into its brilliant future at Kennedy Space Center, nor the Panhandle and its pristine white sand beaches.

From deciding on an ideal destination and how to get there to where to stay and what to do, I've compiled the information you'll need to plan an unforgettable trip — one step at a time.

What should you do first? Decide on the best time to go, or if that is already decided... check out what's going on that month.

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