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Florida Vacation & Travel Guide


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Where to Stay In Florida?
WDW Hotel Parking
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Whether it's a fancy resort or a cozy inn off the beaten path... where you stay is an important consideration.

Click on Where to Stay in Florida with links to resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts and camping. Also, here are links to accommodations at some of Florida's most popular destinations:

Experienced campers already know that Camping in Florida is a unique experience. The Sunshine State's mild climate allows for year round camping and nearly unlimited outdoor activities. And, whether you consider yourself a "trees and trails" type or one that prefers "sand and surf," Florida's diverse offering of campgrounds can deliver.

Golf Resorts - The Sunshine State has plenty of great stay and play golf resorts. Find one here to fit your style and budget.

Florida's wide variety of dining experiences — from dinner theaters to dinner cruises and dining with astronauts or your favorite characters — that deserve your consideration.

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