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Faster Way to Meet Mickey Mouse at Disney World

Meet Mickey without waiting in line at the Magic Kingdom.


Mickey gets ready for a greeting session

Meet Mickey Mouse in person without waiting in line when you visit the Magic Kingdom.

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What happens when you combine the magic of meeting Mickey Mouse in person with Disney World's FastPass+ program? You get a great way to meet your favorite Disney character without waiting in line!

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom theme park can stop by Mickey's new greeting spot, the Town Square Theater, located just to the right of the railway station as you enter the park.

Not only will visitors get a chance to meet Mickey Mouse in person (and tour his dressing room "behind the scenes"), but they won't have to wait in a long line to do so. Simply visit the FastPass+ machine located next to the theater, then come back at the appointed time.

Note: During the 2011 expansion of Fantasyland, you can also meet your favorite Disney princesses in this location, making it a must for any little princess fan.


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