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The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm

Take a Ride on the Wild Side with Goofy

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The Barnstormer

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Located in the Magic Kingdom, the Barnstormer is a fast but fun mini coaster designed to please the youngest thrill seekers in your party. Guests travel on Goofy's crop duster plane, complete with dips, turns and a pass through the chicken coop before returning to the landing pad. This ride is not only a fun experience for little ones, it is a great way to gauge their readiness for some of Disney World's more thrilling attractions.

Ride Overview

Guests board a flight at the launching/landing pad into one of 8 compartments. Each car holds two passengers seated side by side, and children must be at least seven years old to sit alone.

The flight begins with a slow uphill journey, then a quick plunge with a few twists and turns. Your ride ends in less than a minute with a pass through the chicken coop. This ride does not have loops or any inversions, and has a minimum height requirement of 35".

Best for:

Brave preschoolers and kids under 8 will get the most out of the Goofy's Barnstormer. This attraction is thrilling enough to make them feel like a "big kid" but gentle and brief enough that it isn't scary. Families traveling with several small children may wish to use Disney's rider switch program to minimize waiting time.

Cautions and Warnings

Adults over six feet tall will find Goofy's crop duster seats to be a very tight fit — this attraction is designed to appeal to youngsters, and is sized with kids in mind, so be prepared for a cramped flight.

Long line alert! This ride must come to a complete stop for loading and unloading, so try to arrive when Toontown opens to minimize your time in line.


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