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Splash Mountain

Take the Plunge with Br'er Rabbit...if you Dare

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Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

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Take a wet and wild journey with Br'er Rabbit, and enjoy twists, turns, and a thrilling plunge into the Briar Patch on Frontierland's most visible attraction. Splash Mountain offers a glimpse into Br'er Rabbit's world, as he gets "movin' on" to a new place, and evades Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox. Splash Mountain is Disney at its best — an exquisitely rendered story, whimsical details at every turn, and a thrilling (but wet) finish.

Ride Overview

Guests board a hollowed-out log boat for their journey into Br'er Rabbit's world. Each log has four rows, and two adults can sit comfortably side by side in each row. The ride begins with a small dip, then twists and turns through various scenes set to music.

There are two moderately steep hills before the final big plunge, and there are even areas designed to capture your attention — and let you catch your breath — before and after each hill.

Splash Mountain ends with a celebration, as Br'er Rabbit evades his captors, and returns to his home in the Briar Patch. The most thrilling part of this ride is on clear display, so there are no unpleasant surprises in store for riders. Children must be 40" tall to ride Splash Mountain.

Best for

Adults and kids of all ages who enjoy thrill rides will love Splash Mountain, and the ride is an absolute must do for big kids, teens, and young adults. Brave "little kids" meeting the height requirement might enjoy the ride as well. Families traveling with small children may wish to use Disney's rider switch program to minimize waiting time.

Tip: There is a small playground adjacent to the ride entrance that preschoolers will enjoy exploring while older members of the group experience Splash Mountain.

Cautions and Warnings

Splash Mountain is a watery thrill ride. You will get wet no matter where you sit, but passengers on the right-hand side and those riding in the front row may get soaked.

Long Line Alert! Splash Mountain is one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom, so ride early in the day, or pick up a fastpass. Wait times of one hour or more are not uncommon, so plan ahead to get the most from your visit.


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  • If you are unsure of how a younger child will react to Splash Mountain, try out the Barnstormer rollercoaster first. Kids that love the dips and speed of this ride will be ready to move on to more "big kid" attractions.
  • For guests staying at a Disney Resort, Splash Mountain can be enjoyed with minimal waiting during Extra Magic Hours.
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