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Haunted Mansion

Ghostly Fun for Everyone

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Extrerior of the Haunted Mansion

Hop aboard a Doom Buggy and take a tour of the Haunted Mansion.

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Join the 999 happy haunts that inhabit Disney World's Haunted Mansion — there's always room for one more. Located in the heart of Liberty Square, the Haunted Mansion is the source of the "howling" you will hear as you walk past "it's a small world" from one side or Frontierland on the other.

The Haunted Mansion received a facelift in 2011, with some new additions and updates to the entryway and surroundings. If you haven't visited the Mansion recently, make it a priority on your next Disney World vacation; you'll love the spooky fun of this popular attraction.

Ride Overview

The Haunted Mansion has one of the most interesting line queue and loading areas you'll find in Disney World. Keep an eye on the tombstones to the left as you wait to enter the mansion, you may see something surprising. Once inside, you'll enter a "stretching room" with no visible exit.

Once through both waiting areas, guests board a black, hearse-like Doom Buggy for the journey through the mansion. The buggies move at a constant rate of speed, and while there are plenty of visual thrills, the motion is gentle with no sudden drops or surprises.

The Doom Buggies travel through the mansion at a leisurely place, giving the occupants plenty of time to take in the spooky fun of the Haunted Mansion. Riders depart at the end of the ride, amidst ghostly music and somber rider attendants.

Best for:

The Haunted Mansion is best for older kids, teens and adults of all ages. Very small children may be frightened by some of the spooky-but-humorous scenes in the mansion. The mansion exterior is more scary-looking than the ride itself, which features enough fun and spooky whimsy to keep most kids entertained.

Use Disney's rider switch program if you are traveling with a small child. If your little one fared well on dark rides like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan's Flight, he might be ready to give the Mansion a try.

Tip: If you are attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, get in the spirit of things by visiting the Mansion, one of the main attractions for this event.


  • Don't miss the Haunted Mansion if you are attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The Mansion puts on live entertainment, games and more in the front courtyard during this event.
  • Visit the Mansion early in the day or late in the evening to avoid waiting in line. You can also avoid the crowds by riding during a parade like the "Boo to You" or the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Cautions and Warnings:

  • This ride can be very scary for small or sensitive children; have a parent ride first if you are unsure if your child can handle the spooky scenery.
  • The Haunted Mansion does not offer Fastpasses, so visit early in the day, or stay for evening Extra Magic Hours to ride without waiting.
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