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Florida State Road Atlas

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Florida State Road Atlas
Compliments of The Langenscheidt Publishing Group

The Bottom Line

Although large and cumbersome, this atlas delivers what it promises — comprehensive index, easy-to-read city enlargements and mileage charts. The fact that you also get a Florida Discovery Guide with information on points of interest, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld maps is simply a plus. Because it also includes Florida driving information like road signs and tolls, it's probably more valuable than a hard-to-read and even harder-to-fold state map.
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  • Larger than usual print is senior-friendly!
  • Discovery Guide offers interesting places to see and things to do.


  • Cumbersome size is not glove-box-friendly.


  • Large-scale maps are easy-to-read and 31 uncluttered city enlargements make getting around a breeze.
  • A comprehensive index — wherever you're going, its got to be listed!
  • Includes a Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld map.
  • Mileage charts, general reference information and history on the State of Florida.
  • A Florida Discovery Guide provides information on points of interest by region, recreation and more.
  • Includes beach, racing, golf and other recreational directories.

Guide Review - Florida State Road Atlas

I'm not particularly a map person, I can read them... I just can't fold them. However, they are a matter of necessity when you travel as much as I do. And, let's face it, considering the price of gasoline these days, getting lost just got more expensive. I guess that makes a map or atlas well worth the cost.

The Map Legend at the beginning of this atlas, Table of Contents and Index can make short work of finding the map you need. My one complaint is that the Key to Map Pages doesn't show a full map of the entire state. It is divided rather oddly across two pages with the top and bottom of the state cut off and placed opposite the State's peninsula. If you're not familiar with Florida, it is hard to envision where these places are really located.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Florida State Road Atlas is its size. It isn't particularly glove-box-friendly. At nearly 13 inches tall and 11-1/4 inches wide, it is a handful. But, its cumbersome size is overlooked once you open it and find the immense amount of information at your fingertips. It isn't just for vacationers either. The easy-to-read maps aside, its Florida Discovery Guide and State Recreation Facility Charts would be great for Floridians looking for weekend getaway ideas.

Let's see... discovery guide, maps, mileage charts. Ah, now I can see the reason for its size. It isn't meant to be a map tucked away in a glove box. It is meant to be a companion, resting comfortably on the seat beside you.

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