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Museum of Science and Industry



Commonly known as MOSI, Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry is home to Florida's first and only IMAX Dome Theatre.



As the largest science center in the southeastern United States, the Museum of Science and Industry also houses the largest children's museum in the nation. It is a great educational resource located near the University of South Florida in North Tampa. MOSI, as the nearly 30-year-old museum is commonly called, is home to Florida's first and only IMAX Dome Theatre and Tampa's only Planetarium. This scientific playground encompasses over 450 hands-on activities and interactive exhibits that bring science to life.

Address & Phone:

Museum of Science and Industry
4801 E. Fowler Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33617

Phone: 813-987-6000


Explore State-of-the-Art and Interactive Exhibits:

Encompassing over 400,000 square feet, MOSI is an impressive educational resource that often garners national attention for its innovative exhibits that encompass both indoor and outdoor spaces — including displaying the largest articulated dinosuars ever discovered; the longest high wire bicycle in a U.S. museum; Florida's first IMAX Dome Theatre; Tampa's only Planetarium; the nation's largest children's museum; a tree grove comprised of culturally significant trees from historical people and places in the U.S.; and, a butterfly garden.

Step inside the grand lobby and be greeted by two diplodocus dinosaur skeletons, the largest articulated dinosaurs ever discovered, and one of the few places in the world As children enter the double-doors to the left of the dinosaurs, they will encounter Kids In Charge! The Children's Science Center at MOSI. Enveloping over 40,000-square-feet, the children's science center is the largest in the country. It is here that children can explore, experiment, create and test their skills.

The second and third floors house these exhibit areas:

  • Disasterville, features 10,000 square feet of interactive exhibits and immersion theaters on the science behind natural disasters — floods, hail storms, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. WeatherQuest, featuring a Bay News 9 news desk and meteorologist green screen, is a program that encourages team-oriented interaction.
  • The Amazing You consists of seven developmental life stages — beginning of life, childhood and adolescence, young adult, middle-aged adult, older adult and end of life issues — that focuses on health and wellness at each developmental life stage.
  • High Wire Bicycle is suspended 30 feet above the ground and its 98-foot-long length is the longest in an American museum.

Outside you will find these exhibits:

  • Richard T. Bowers Historic Tree Grove was planted in 1995 from seedlings obtained from various locations, featuring 17 culturally significant trees from America's historical people and places.
  • Gulf Coast Hurricane exhibit allows guests to experience the impact of 75 mph hurricane force winds.
  • BioWorks Butterfly Garden houses a variety of free-flying butterflies and an engineered eco-system demonstrates how natural wetlands clean water.
  • Sky Trail Ropes Course features rope elements on a multi-level structure and is designed with challenging high-energy feats for every age.
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