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Florida Photo Album


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Historical Past and Present
A group of historic Florida pictures.
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Cypress Gardens - Enjoy these black & white photos from the early days of one of Florida's first attractions.

First Coast Historical Photos - Some 50 to 100-year-old photos of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Lighthouse, Marineland and more.

Florida Film History - Florida's entry into movie making began over 50 years ago with many movie stars filming on location here. See photos and get the scoop on Elvis Presley, Ester Williams, Jack Lemon, Maureen O'Sullivan, Jerry Lewis and more!

Fort Christmas Historical Park - Tour Fort Christmas Historical Park that features a replica of the 1837 fort that was built during the Seminole Indian War.

Fort Clinch - Tour historical Fort Clinch located in Northeast Florida.

Heritage Village - A photo gallery of Heritage Village, located within Pinewood Cultural Park in Largo,a 21-acre living history museum featuring 28 beautifully restored historic structures set in native pine and palmetto landscape.

Historic Lighthouse Photos - Photos dated from 1880 to the 1960s. Six of hundreds of photos available on Florida State Photo Archives.

Space Coast Historic Photos - Early Photos of first manned flight, the Apollo lauch, Gemini launch, Space Shuttle Challenger and more!

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