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Senior Havens and Hideaways

Seniors Want Value


Senior Havens and Hideaways

My mother, 82 in this picture, enjoyed a day at Downtown Disney.

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Seniors, whether you join the ranks of the snowbirds who flock to Florida each winter, or you just come for a week or two of vacation, finding the area of Florida that fits your budget, style, and needs is important.

It wasn't too long ago when seniors like you came to Florida simply to sit on a bench and enjoy the warm weather. Possibly the most excitement you might have experienced would have been a rousing game of shuffleboard. Not any more! You still come for the warm weather, but the only time you'll be seen sitting on a bench is to catch your breath between activities. You are more active than ever, and you are more likely to chose a community or vacation destination that caters to your favorite activities.

And, while it is personal preference and life style, season and weather, available medical facilities and transportation that play an important part your destination decision – cost has to rank right up there on your list of considerations. Reaching the Golden Age is somewhat like getting that Gold Visa Card... you've earned the right to special privileges and treatment, but you want as many free services as possible and the lowest rate available – all tailored just to fit your needs.

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