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Central Florida for Seniors

Number one vacation destination is senior-friendly


Seniors at Disney World
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Central Florida is the number one vacation destination in Florida, and that is not any secret to seniors. After all the theme parks are not just for the grandchildren! However, what isn't a secret to anyone either is that this area can be expensive. Yet with careful planning and the use of a few coupons, you CAN enjoy Orlando even if you are on a budget.

Orlando has so much to offer – theme parks, themed restaurants, diner theaters, golf, resorts, sports complexes, shopping, and so much more. Nestled just outside the gates of Disney there are an abundance of well-manicured hotels, motels, restaurants and shops. Nearby Kissimmee/St. Cloud offers close-by alternative accommodations with miles of hotels, motels, and restaurants in every price range. Central Florida boasts an array of campgrounds, time-share resorts, and vacation homes.

Try these money saving tips when planning a stay in Central Florida:

  • Register for free discount card. Orlando's Magicard saves you money year-round... just like magic!
  • Consider a home exchange, but of course use caution and check references. Some exchange services charge a small listing fee.
  • ALWAYS ask for a senior citizen discount! Age requirements vary from establishment to establishment, but it never hurts to ask.
  • Bring along a refillable water bottle. This can save you up to $5.00 per day on the cost of buying bottled water.
  • Most attractions charge parking fees and the parking lots are crowded. While Disney provides transportation between its attractions and resorts, some off-site hotels offer free transportation to Disney and other area attractions. Using these services will save you money.
  • Early mornings are generally less crowded at the theme parks and during the summer months it is cooler. Going back to your hotel and eating lunch can save you money and give your feet a much needed rest. You'll be surprised how good a peanut butter sandwich and fruit tastes away from home.
  • Take a day away from the attractions and visit Downtown Disney, Church Street Station, or Universal's CityWalk where you can stroll the shops, enjoy a relaxing lunch, or simply sit and people-watch while enjoying an ice cream. Admission is free and you can't get any better than that.
  • Have a free morning or afternoon? Sit through one of the many time-share sales pitches and you can earn anything from cash to free attraction tickets to a free stay at area or beach resorts and hotels. Be prepared to resist some high-pressure sales tactics and the reward is worth it. (Please note that some age and income requirements may have to be met to qualify for the free gifts.)

Have a great money saving idea? Email me and I'll put it here.

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