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Florida Special Needs Traveler Guide


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Disabled Travelers Get Warm Welcome in Florida
Wheelchair Guest

Getting around Florida's theme parks is easy!

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Travel can be a hassle for people without disabilities — imagine the challenges of traveling with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed on July 26, 1990 with all businesses requiring compliance by January 26, 1992. Since then, Florida has come a long way to extend a warm welcome to people with special needs — from transportation to hotels and attractions to beaches, the Sunshine State gets high marks from the disabled for its access and availability of special equipment as follows:

  • Special parking by permit is set aside at every establishment. Even out-of-state vehicles displaying disability parking permits issued by another state are allowed to park in spaces designated for persons with disabilities.
  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms and telephones should be conveniently located within easy reach of wheelchair guests.
  • Florida state law and the ADA requires guide dogs be permitted in all establishments, this of course includes the attractions (although some ride restrictions may apply).
  • TDD is commonly available by dialing 711 via the Florida Relay Service.
The possibilities for travel within Florida are limitless for the special needs traveler. Attractions, beaches, camping, cruises, hotels, resorts, restaurants, state parks — all provide access for the disabled and special needs visitor.

This guide is intended to provide resources and links to travel planning information for the disabled and special needs traveler to Florida. Whatever your special need — wheelchair access, special transportation, TDD (Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf), signers, interpreters, or special medical equipment — it is best to plan ahead. Ask plenty of questions and always make your requests and reservations well in advance.

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