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Florida Spring Break 2014


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Spring Break 2014
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Long before Connie Francis took to the beach in the 1960 hit, Where the Boys Are, Florida was a popular destination for college students to celebrate spring. The Elbo Room in Fort Lauderdale became the unofficial "party central" for hundreds of thousands of college students on spring break.

In the 1980s the city of Fort Lauderdale began to crack down on the out-of-control spring break activities and spring breakers left for friendlier locales - Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach. Today, spring break continues to rock on in Florida with additional destinations of Key West, Orlando and Miami's South Beach also drawing crowds of spring breakers.

It is important to note that although there are popular spring break destinations where much of the partying occurs, all of Florida's beaches and attractions are usually overrun during this time by those seeking sun and fun. This is particularly true of local teens and families looking for day trips and getaways during Florida school district's various spring breaks, so be prepared to possibly share the sand and surf with a few exuberant teens and expect longer lines at the attractions.

Contrary to popular belief, Spring Break doesn't just last a week or two. In 2014, Spring Break will stretch from February 24 through April 4. but most colleges take their break in March — — specifically March 10-28; and, subsequently, organized activities in spring break locales usually take place during that month. Check this calendar from Tripsmarter.com for 2014 College and University Spring Break Dates.

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