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Florida Fairy Tale Weddings


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Dreams Can Come True In Florida
Wedding Couple
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Couples don't need the help of a fairy godmother to find the perfect setting for a romantic fairy tale wedding – they just need to come to Florida. Florida has become one of the top wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world.

There are probably as many choices for wedding locations as there are dreams. Couples can make their own fairy tale dream come true — complete with Cinderella’s coach and her famous glass slipper — with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings which gives them an enchanting, unforgettable experience. Do your dreams drift to a romantic sunset wedding at the beach? Florida has plenty of beaches and the sunsets are always free.

Perhaps your dream ceremony takes place in a beautiful garden setting... Florida has plenty of those too.Many resorts offer wedding packages as well. Check out the ideas and locations on the following pages and make your dream wedding a reality!

Florida Wedding License Laws

To apply for a license, partners must be at least 18 years old and appear in person, together, and provide a picture ID, such as a driver's license or passport. If either party was previously married, he or she must provide the date, county, and state or country in which the divorce, dissolution or annulment was finalized.

Marriage licenses must be issued by the Clerk of Courts in any Florida county; licenses from other states will not be honored. There is no waiting period for out-of-state residents. There is a three-day waiting period for Florida residents only, but that waiting period can be waived in some counties if couples complete a premarital counseling course. No blood tests are required. Some counties offer a discount in the marriage license fee if the premarital counseling course is completed. Couples must present proof that the premarital course has been successfully completed at the time of applying for their marriage license.

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