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Castillo de San Marcos National Monument


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Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
Castillo de San Marcos

Waterfront view of the Castillo de San Marcos.

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The Castillo de San Marcos was started in 1672, making it one of the oldest structures still standing in North America. Orginally built by the Spanish to protect their new empire in America, the fortress eventually served under six different flags. In its approximate 338 years of existence, it has withstood bombardments and seiges and survived hurricanes. Although the structure has undergone many changes over the years, today it appears much as it did when it was completed in 1756.

Your tour of Castillo de San Marcos is self-guided. You might want to print this brochure to help you understand the construction of the fortress and its history.

The Castillo de San Marcos is open to the public from 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. every day except Christmas, December 25. The park is considered a "walk in" park, with the fee of $6.00 applicable to each person. The monument is located in downtown St. Augustine, which is about half way between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach.

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