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Downtown St. Petersburg Photo Tour


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The Pier
The Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida
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The landmark Pier in the heart of St. Petersburg is a unique piece of Florida architecture that offers visitors a chance to experience the waterfront along Tampa Bay. Located at the end of a mile-long approach, this five-story inverted pyramid features shops, restaurants, its own aquarium, live music and even boat docks.

On the ground floor of The Pier you can stroll through unique shops or grab a quick snack, and just outside a variety of activities are offered — from boat tours to feeding pelicans or peddling a surrey bicycle around the waterfront.

The top floor of The Pier combines both the tropical dining of Cha Cha Coconuts with a huge observation deck, giving the visitor a truly unique observation point on Tampa Bay.

And, there's plenty of live entertainment throughout the year to bring you back again and again!

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