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Downtown Tampa Photo Tour


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Bayshore Boulevard
Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida
Compliments of Tampa Bay CVB

Bayshore Boulevard, linking South Tampa and downtown, skirts Tampa Bay and boasts the world's longest continuous sidewalk - about four and a half miles. One side of the drive is lined with stately historic homes and modern towering condominiums while the other offers a fabulous view of Tampa Bay.

On any given day you might see joggers, skaters and bikers out on their daily quest for exercise while others come just to soak up the sunshine and the view.

Bayshore is also the location for the annual Gasparilla Parade. Parade-goers line the boulevard to see Jose Gaspar and his band of unruly pirates sail into Tampa Bay to invade the city and take to the streets. After the parade, a street party is held downtown to celebrate.

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