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Universal Orlando in October

Everything you Need to Know about Visiting Universal Orlando in October


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando

Monsters and ghouls come out for a scary good time in October at Universal Orlando.

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October's main event is also one of the biggest celebrations of the year at Universal Orlando; a whole year's worth of planning and preparation are needed to bring you a screamingly good time. Halloween Horror Nights is delightfully scary for park guests, and features everything from haunted houses to street performers in movie-quality special effects makeup. This is a separate ticket event that is available on select nights in October. Parents should note this is a truly scary evening, and not suitable for kids.


Universal Orlando will be hot enough during the day to enjoy water rides like Jurassic Park — but you may want to skip the watery fun in the evening, when temperatures drop. October is still hurricane season in Florida, and while Orlando is rarely directly affected by a storm, travel to and from Universal could be affected. Begin checking the weather forecast for storms about a week before your trip and you'll know what to expect from the tropics.


Expect to see low to moderate crowd levels when you visit Universal Orlando on most days. The parks will be more crowded on days that feature Halloween Horror Nights, so plan accordingly to avoid long lines.


  • October is a good time to visit the Wizardng World of Harry Potter, thanks to more moderate temperatures and crowd levels.
  • Halloween Horror Nights will also affect the closing time of the Universal Orlando parks, so plan on spending an evening elsewhere if you are not attending the event.
  • Halloween Horror Nights is an elaborate and truly frightening experience designed to entertain adults. Children under 13 are not admitted at all, and parents of older kids are urged to use caution when attending.

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