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Unique Disney World Character Autograph Ideas

3 Great Ideas for Character Autographs


If you are heading to Orlando for a Disney World vacation, one of the best mementos of your trip is an autograph from one of your favorite Disney characters. Character autographs aren't just for kids — and they don't have to be on paper.

Most of the characters will be happy to sign anything you present to them, just keep in mind that the item should be relatively small, and easy to write on. Characters like Disney princesses will have an easier time signing non-paper items than their fully costumed counterparts; Mickey's gloves or Pluto's paws may not be designed to handle a small item.

If you are heading to a character dining event at a Disney theme park or resort, you will have more time with each character, so this can be an ideal time to get a unique autograph.

  1. If you have purchased a Disney character doll as a souvenir, have it handy when that character is available for autographs. Plush Disney princess dolls sold in the theme parks can be signed on the feet or on the dress, just pack a permanent or fabric marker and you will be able to bring home a unique memento of your vacation.

  2. If you enjoy scrapbooking, bring along some Disney scrapbook paper and a clipboard. You can get a signature from your favorite Disney movie character, and then assemble a page using a photo and the signature. Don't have any Disney scrapbook paper? Don't worry, just head to the Downtown Disney Marketplace and stop by Disney's Wonderful World of Memories store for a great selection of paper and supplies.

  3. You can also purchase a light colored shirt or hat, and have it handy when your favorite character appears. A plain white t-shirt can become a treasured memento of your Disney vacation if you use it to collect autographs from every character you meet. Tip: Don't wear the shirt you want to have autographed. Have it out and ready to sign, and be sure have a permanent marker ready as well.

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